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Becoming an ambassador.


Are you deeply motivated to change the world? Are you concerned about the well-being of the people of your country? Do you want to be part of a global community of ambassadors? 

Being an ambassador for the wellbeing in school project means that you become part of a global movement where you are given the task to advocate for more wellbeing for the youth of your nation.

What do we expect from ambassadors:

  • To be serious and highly motivated about your role as an ambassador.

  • That you can act as an independent member and that you are are consistent and persistent.

  • To be active in your role as an ambassador.

  • To research your countries policies.

  • To create a website and social media account for your nations project.

  • To petition the government.

  • To communicate about the progress and be part of the community in the discord group. 

Learn more about the proces of becoming an ambassador and what you can do!

The proces of becoming an ambassador

1/ Apply through the application form:

To become an ambassador for your country, you need to fill out this application form. We look for motivated and dedicated ambassadors only.

2/ Become part of our global community of ambassadors:

If you are approved to come forward as an ambassador for your country, you are invited in our private discord group where more in-dept details are shared. In this group, we share tips and experiences about the proces and motivate each other throughout the proces.

3/ Become active as an ambassador:

After being initialized as an ambassador, it's time to become active
Being active means doing research, contacting policy makers, creating a website, petition the government, do social media campaigns and much more.

Do you have further questions? Please contact us through the contact form and we'll be happy to help you!

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